Precision is our passion. We live quality without ifs and buts. Josef Ganter Feinmechanik has made a good name for itself with this high quality understanding. Qualities such as reliability, precision, as well as authenticity are of elementary importance to us. With excellently trained employee teams, a state-of-the-art machine fleet as well as safe, efficient processes, we repeatedly implement what is most important to us: to satisfy our customers fully and on a sustained basis.

At Josef Ganter Feinmechanik, we live the awareness that our parts have high importance for health and quality of life day in, day out. With our quality philosophy, we achieve success for our customers and ultimately added value for the end consumers. With our zero-error strategy, we want to impress our customers and meet their requirements at all times. We know that this is a high standard, as it means non-compromising quality in everything we do. From consulting to the entire production process to logistics services. How do we manage it? At Josef Ganter Feinmechanik, we work with strictly specified, certified workflows that are reliably documented by our quality management system. Then there is, of course, our personal quality standard, which drives us on to achieve one hundred per cent in terms of quality.